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Dog Boarding & Training

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The dog boarding and training option is our most successful training program, simply because your dog lives with the dog trainer and receives attention 24/7. Your dog is integrated in the trainer’s household, and is not staying in a sterile boarding kennel, where he is only taken out once or twice each day for training sessions and does not receive the love and attention he craves. Also, how can a dog possibly learn proper house manners, if he is living in a kennel environment and not in the house?

During the dog’s stay, our dog trainer can focus on specific issues that need to be addressed. We always encourage our clients to meet with us for an evaluation prior to enrolling the dog in our boarding and training program, so that they can discuss their areas of concern with the dog trainer in person. The Dog Boarding and Training Program is an ideal solution when the family goes on vacation or there is a business trip coming up, and Fido is not allowed to come along.

We offer your dog a home away from home, with so much fun, activity, and stimulation that he does not even have time to miss his family. Knowing that Fido is in good and competent hands, allows the owner to enjoy their trip without feeling guilty about leaving their best friend behind. He will get plenty of supervised playtime with other furry friends, which will enhance his social skills. At the same time, our dog trainers will teach him all the things a well-behaved dog needs to know. And not to forget, he will receive a lot of love and attention.

What makes Quality K-9’s dog boarding and training program different from that of other dog training companies?

1. Our dog boarding and training program is not a “doggy boot camp”. “Boot camp” is a military term, which implies harshness or even cruelty. This is NOT how we train or treat our four-legged guests.

2. Our dog training is goal oriented. This means we are not charging extra, should the training take a little longer than anticipated. Dogs have different learning curves. The rate of every dog’s progress in learning new skills and gaining experience is different. Just like people, some learn faster than others. We work at the dog’s pace and don’t like to rush the training or put too much pressure on our canine students. In other words, we do not want to break the dog’s spirit. What is most important to us is that we reach our training goal and make our clients happy with the results we achieve.

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