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Off Leash Dog Training

We Teach Your Dog To Behave Without A Leash

Quality K-9

This high level training of your dog is the next step to more advanced dog obedience. This type of training means more freedom for you and your dog and peace of mind.  Dogs get loose from their collars/harnesses/leashes all the time. A great way to prevent accidents from happening or your dog getting injured; is to have your dog trained without a leash. Knowing your dog will listen and respond to you whether he is attached to a leash or not, gives you peace of mind.

Without a doubt, the boarding & training program is our most popular program that will accomplish your goals. Your dog will stay in the dog trainer’s home for a period of 30 days.

The training includes on and off leash heeling, sit and stay until released.  The program also includes lie down on command, remain in this position until released, going to the “place” (a designated place such as a blanket, place board, dog bed, rug, etc.) and then to stay there until released.

Most important, this dog training program includes the recall under distraction. One private handler lesson with you and your canine companion is included upon completion of the program as well as a follow up group class.

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