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dog trainer, quality k9, tino reinke, dog training phoenixWelcome to Quality K-9, where passion for dogs meets unparalleled expertise in dog training. Nestled near the idyllic Prescott Valley in Arizona, our facility stretches over 3.5 lush acres, providing ample space for dogs to learn, play, and thrive. Prescott’s charm doesn’t just lie in its breathtaking landscapes; it’s a haven for dog lovers. With its dog-friendly ethos, you can bring your canine companions almost anywhere, making socialization a breeze. Plus, our temperate weather ensures training sessions are comfortable year-round, a stark contrast to the sweltering heat of Phoenix.

At the helm of Quality K-9 is Tino Reinke, our esteemed owner and head trainer. Tino isn’t just any trainer; he’s a luminary in the field with over 30 years of rich experience shaping both canines and their human counterparts. His background is as impressive as it is diverse, with a solid foundation in military and police dog training that underscores his profound understanding of discipline, loyalty, and the profound bond between dogs and their handlers.

Tino’s journey in the dog training realm has taken him across the globe, where he’s honed his skills alongside some of the world’s most renowned trainers. This international exposure has not only enriched his training methodologies but has also imbued him with a unique perspective that he brings to every training session at Quality K-9.

In an industry where many claim to have trained thousands of dogs, Tino stands apart. His claim is not just credible; it’s backed by a trail of successful transformations and rehabilitations of canines, spanning various disciplines. From pet dog training that fosters a harmonious living with your furry friend, to specialized training in personal protection and sport dog training, Tino’s expertise is all-encompassing.

Joining Tino in leading Quality K-9 is Angelika Clark, our dedicated General Manager and an experienced dog trainer in her own right. With over 30 years of experience, Angelika brings a wealth of knowledge to our team, especially in high-level competition dog training. As an AKC-CGC Evaluator, her standards of excellence are unparalleled. Born and raised in Germany, Angelika’s training philosophy has been shaped by the world-class dog trainers she’s worked and learned from across the globe. Her approach to dog training, particularly in obedience, is heavily influenced by motivational methods, ensuring that training is not only effective but also a positive experience for both dog and handler.

day training, dog training phoenix, quality k9, tino reinke, angelika clarkEnhancing our team’s dynamic expertise is Jamie Smith, PhD, a distinguished Dog Behaviorist and trainer. Jamie’s academic credentials are as impressive as they are relevant; holding a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Biology, a Master’s in Holistic Care, and a Doctorate in Animal Naturopathy. Jamie is also a certified Canine Fitness Instructor/Evaluator, bringing over 20 years of experience to Quality K-9. Her holistic approach to dog training and behavior modification, grounded in a deep understanding of animal health and psychology, complements our team’s diverse skill set, ensuring a well-rounded training program that addresses the physical, emotional, and psychological needs of our canine clients.

Residents of the Southwest and beyond, you’re in luck. Having Tino Reinke, Angelika Clark, and Jamie Smith within reach is a privilege that transcends distance. Their exceptional skill sets, coupled with a genuine love for dogs, make Quality K-9 the quintessential choice for anyone serious about providing their dogs with the best training available.

At Quality K-9, we’re not just training dogs; we’re nurturing bonds, instilling confidence, and building a community of well-behaved, happy dogs and satisfied owners. Welcome to the family.

Obedience Training is the most important factor in the human/canine relationship. A well-trained dog with a strong leader is happier and enjoys more freedom; resulting in a happier canine.

Quality K9 is professional dog training leader in Phoenix and the greater metro area.
Does your four-legged friend have a bad habit? Exhibit fear? Show aggression? Canine behavior modification training is essential to changing these unwanted behaviors.

Quality K9 works with you and your dog creating proper behavior methods leading to a better outcome.
Schutzhund: German for protection dog, are professionally trained dogs who can perform essentially the same tasks as a police K9.

To earn the highly respected Schutzhund title, dogs undergo thorough training; culminating in a three phase exam: tracking, obedience, and protection.
Training with Compassion

Customized Professional Dog Training

We work with you and our training excels with outstanding results.
Happy owners – happy dogs!

Professional Dog Training


Starting early with the correct obedience training is the key to success. Motivational dog training, in your home, at a public place and at our indoor training facility.

Professional Dog Training


At Quality K9 we believe dogs trained using positive motivation with leadership focused in the right direction, achieve faster results and develop longer-lasting skills. We create a personalized training plan based on your dogs needs and your personal goals.

Professional Dog Training


Our clients are our biggest advocates. Quality K9 graduates are proud to show their success! Don’t take our word for it…keep scrolling to see and read about our stars!

Voted 'Best of the Valley' November 2012 Phoenix Magazine

Ready To Get Started?

Dog Training Logo Quality K-9

A Different Approach to Professional Dog Training

Our training and coaching is tailored to 3 things:

Your dog
Your area of pursuit
You as a person

We focus on developing a bond of trust and respect between you and your canine companion. Having this foundation in your relationship makes training and living with your dog rewarding and fun.

dog training phoenix scottsdale, quality k9, tino reinke, angelika clark

Why should you train your dog?

Learning proper dog training skills significantly improves the relationship between you and your dog. You will benefit from becoming a better handler and your dog will succeed with proper motivational training.

dog training phoenix scottsdale, quality k9, tino reinke, angelika clark

A little dog training theory...

What you and your dog experience in life, will stay with you forever. Good or bad. As humans we are much more forgiving when it comes to bad experiences in life. For dogs this is not so simple. Behavioral science teaches us that dogs revert to the first experience made, the first learned behavior. This is why early training is essential. But all is not lost if you start late…it just requires a bit more patience. Sometimes it’s the journey that makes the best relationships!

Boarding and Training School for Dogs

Dog Boarding and Training

Our dog boarding and training option is our most successful training program.

It is perfectly suited for you if you:

• Wish to have us train your dog for you, giving you the tools to continue successful training at home
• Want your dog trained in our trainer’s household, not in a boarding kennel
• Want fast results, proven to last

day training, dog training phoenix, quality k9, tino reinke, angelika clark

In-home and Private Dog Training

Our Day Training Program is ideal for you if you:

• Do not want to part with your dog for an extended period of time
• Want to be actively involved in your dog training
• Want to work with us privately; in the comfort of your own home.

Quality K-9 Testimonials

I have had the pleasure of working with Tino for the last 8 months. During this time period, Jakob, my German Shepherd and I have made remarkable gains in our training. I attribute these gains to Tino’s natural ability to read canines and his clear direct approach with both canine and handler.
Tino has a natural ability to predict behaviors and create training methods that deliver results quickly and effectively. It is one of his many attributes that set him apart from other trainers. Results can be seen in the very first session, and confidence ignites in all involved.
The clear and understandable direction he provides to both canine and handler, reduces the common stresses created by trial and error type methods. This clear direction, allows progress to come quickly, efficiently and with minimal stress on your pet.
Tino is genuine in his interest to help your pet, and teach you methods and skills that can lead to a life time of enjoyable pet ownership. He truly is a master trainer.
~ Karen B.
Scottsdale, AZ

Our Professional Dog Trainer Team

dog trainer, quality k9, angelika clark, dog training phoenixTrainer & General Manager

Angelika Clark

Angelika is a multi talent. Not only does she manage all business operations – she is also a gifted dog trainer. Angelika is not only the heart of the operation but also Tino’s trainings partner.

dog trainer, quality k9, tino reinke, dog training phoenixHead Trainer & Founder

Tino Reinke

Tino’s passion is training dogs. With 30 years of dog training experience in Germany and the US, he is the head trainer and founder of Quality K-9.

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