Dog Behavior Evaluation

Dog Behavior Assessment

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Dog Behavior Evaluations in Phoenix and Scottsdale

Not all dogs are created equal. There are not only different breed types but also very different character types within a certain breed type. In order to determine what type of dog training is the correct training approach for your canine companion or to find out what causes a certain behavioral issue, whether it is fear or aggression, the best way to go about it is to have the dog evaluated by a dog behaviorist.

It could also be the case that you are wondering whether or not your dog is suitable to be trained as a service dog, or you would like to find out if your dog is a possible Schutzhund prospect or could have a future in AKC Field Trials, Rally or Herding. With his expert knowledge of how a dog’s mind works, Tino Reinke is the dog training professional in the Greater Phoenix Area to turn to for a dog behavioral evaluation. With his experience, accumulated in over twenty years of dog training, Tino is able to evaluate your dog’s temperament very quickly and precisely, and at the same time pinpoint any temperament issues. Upon completion of the behavioral evaluation, your dog is ready to be enrolled in a training program that will be perfect for your dog’s age, temperament, social aptitude, physical fitness, etc.

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