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Canine Behavior Modification

Dog Behavior Modification Training

Dog behavior modification training is essential to alter unwanted behavior.

These unwanted behaviors can be just a bad or annoying habit, a fear caused by a negative experience, or plain aggression.  We achieve success by teaching the dog a stress free replacement behavior.  Resulting in a happier and much less stressful life for the dog. Furthermore, it prevents aggression from building up and escalating.

Canine Behavior Modification Training In The Greater Phoenix Area

Certain negative behaviors can be very difficult to eliminate since these behaviors are well established and have been rewarded many times in the dogs life.  These behaviors have essentially become a habit to the dog, and the dog instinctively continues to do them because he gets rewarded.

Some bad behaviors are even self-rewarding; meaning the dog finds a reward in the behavior itself without receiving any reward.

There are many behaviors, especially aggressive behaviors, which are almost impossible to suppress. The bad behavior might be from improper socialization during the imprinting phase.  Or, genetically the canine may possesses a very dominant or nervous disposition.

Since it is extremely difficult to eliminate bad habitual behaviors; the only reliable solution is to modify the dog’s bad behavior.  Consequently exchanging it with a learned “replacement behavior”.

This said, we need to focus on positive reinforcement of the correct behavior instead of punishing the undesired behavior.

Behaviors we don’t want such as jumping on people, aggression, and other situations need to be replaced with a behavior we want This is what we reward. Let’s not forget that the forbidden fruit sometimes seems to be oh so sweet. However, once the dog has a clear understanding of what is expected, it becomes easy for him to act accordingly.

This in turn lowers the dog’s stress level.

At Quality K-9 we implement modern behavioral modification techniques in order to replace bad behaviors with good behaviors.

Tino has been very successful with this training style, achieving sustainable results. His training is based on positive reinforcement, which reduces the stress on the canine.  Therefore enabling him to achieve better results than with traditional punishment based dog training methods.

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