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Day Training – a Specific Dog Training Program

Day Training for Dogs in Phoenix & Scottsdale

Description & details

Our Day Training Program is a highly specialized program. This program is the ideal solution for people who do not want to part with their dog for an extended period of time, want to be actively involved in the training of their dog, and want to work with the trainer in a private setting and in the comfort of their own home.

The day training program usually consists of 1-2 sessions per week for a total of 13 dog training sessions. The  dog training is conducted in the client’s home and the dog’s environment, such as the backyard, streets where the dog is taken for walks, parks, dog friendly restaurants and other establishments, etc. The length of the individual dog training sessions is flexible, not to exceed 3 hours per dog training session. The day training program is customized to the dog’s and the dog owner’s specific needs.

The dog training is conducted in a humane manner, applying behavioral modification techniques, positive reinforcement / motivational training methods, as well as negative reinforcement. It is recommended that the dog is enrolled in one of our group training classes upon completion of the “Day Training Program”. The group dog training class is optional and is included in the price of the day training program.

The final goal of these dog training sessions is to teach the dog reliable obedience skills, modify aggressive or fear based behavior, and teach the owners proper handling skills.

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