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Service Dog Training in Phoenix and Scottsdale

Service dogs are highly skilled canines that help humans perform special tasks. In other words, service dogs are dogs with jobs. The most recognized service dogs are most certainly police dogs, custom dogs, and military working dogs. Specialized tasks are performed by scent/tracking dogs as well as search and rescue dogs, who are trained to find people, e.g. criminal suspects or escaped convicts, whereas search and rescue dogs are trained to find missing persons, such as children or helpless adults. The dogs’ versatility knows no limits. Scent dogs can also be trained to detect drugs and explosives, as well as human remains or even counterfeit money. Since the scenting ability of a dog is far more superior to that of a human.

Some dog breeds are more suitable for this type of work than others. The use of a specific breed depends on the intended purpose and the temperament needed for the intended use at of a human, there is still a vast range of use for dogs in the public service. Furthermore, dogs are used as patrol and guard dogs. A correctly trained canine can be used very effectively to ensure the safety of government employees and to protect the public.

Seeing eye dogs are also considered service dogs. The training of a seeing eye dog must be very precise and at the same time the dog must possess a very balanced temperament. These dogs perform highly important jobs, and being a seeing eye dog is one of the most difficult jobs to have. The proper training of a seeing eye dog is very difficult in itself, and as pointed out before, must be very accurate.

Assistance dogs are dogs that assist people with physical or mental disabilities perform certain daily chores.

  • Mobility service dogs assist people with physical disabilities
  • Psychiatric service dogs support people who suffer from phobias, and panic/anxiety attacks, as well as autism
  • Medical alert dogs help people who suffer from sudden onset of seizures and diabetes
  • Hearing dogs assist people who suffer from hearing loss or are hearing impaired

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that people with disabilities are allowed to bring their service/assistance dog onto the premises of public as well as privately owned business establishments. The dogs may accompany their owners into areas that are in general open to customer traffic. These places include restaurants, retail stores, airplanes, taxicabs, theaters, hotels, sports facilities, concert halls, etc.

So, we see that a service dog or an assistance dog helps people with disabilities gain more independence and dramatically improve their owner’s quality of life by not only performing certain tasks tor them but by providing emotional, psychological, and social support. And not to forget unconditional love.

Quality K-9 provides the following service dog & assistance dog training services in the Greater Phoenix Area:

  •  Service Dog & Assistance Dog Evaluations

Is my dog suitable to perform the tasks needed?

  • We Assist Our Customers In Training Their Own Service Dog or Assistance Dog

We specialize in mobility service dogs and psychiatric service dogs.

  • We Train a Service Dog For You

We specialize in mobility service dogs and psychiatric service dogs

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