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Canine Behavior Modification

Dog Behavior Modification Training

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This type of training is essential in order to alter unwanted behavior. It can be just a bad or annoying habit, fear caused by a negative experience, or plain aggression. This can be achieved by teaching the dog a stress free replacement behavior, which results in a happier and much less stressful life for the dog. Furthermore, it prevents aggression to build up and escalate.

Canine Behavior Modification Training In The Greater Phoenix Area

Certain negative behaviors are very difficult to eliminate since these behaviors are well established and have been rewarded too many times already, or have been successfully performed by the dog on too many occasions. Some bad behaviors are even self-rewarding, which means the dog finds a reward in the behavior itself without receiving an additional positive stimulation. There are many behaviors, especially aggressive behaviors, which are almost impossible to suppress. The bad behavior could be contributed to improper socialization during the imprinting phase or the canine possesses a very dominant or nervous disposition genetically. Since it is extremely difficult to eliminate established negative character traits, the only reliable solution is to modify the dog’s bad behavior and to exchange it with a learned “replacement behavior”.

This said, we need to focus on positive reinforcement of the correct behavior instead of punishing the undesired behavior. This includes behaviors such as jumping on people, aggression, and many other situations when our dog does not show the behavior we expect from him. Let’s not forget that the forbidden fruit sometimes seems to be oh so sweet. However, once the dog has a clear understanding of what is expected, it becomes easy for him to act accordingly, which in return lowers the dog’s stress level.

At Quality K-9 we implement modern behavioral modification techniques in order to replace bad canine behavior with good dog behavior. Our experienced dog trainer has been very successful in this special area of dog training and has achieved very reliable results. The behavior training is based on positive reinforcement, which will reduce the stress on the canine and enables us to achieve even better results than with traditional punishment based dog training methods.

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