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“It’s always exciting when training is a success and our furry friends get to go home. However, it doesn’t end there. It’s our mission to make sure all dogs we train stay well trained.”

Benefits of Dog Training

Dogs make amazing companions! They become even better companions when they are professionally trained.

But why is this?

Simple, professionally trained dogs behave incredibly well. When your dog behaves well, you don’t have to put restrictions on your pet. This gives your dog a lot of freedom which results in a very happy pooch. Happy, well behaved dogs tend to be extremely loyal and a joy to live with.

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Dog Training Tips!

Don’t ask your dog to do something you are not prepared to reward her for.

Why choose Quality K9?

The quickest most effective method of training is our compassionate Board & Train program. We DO NOT put your dog in a kennel! Instead, we integrate your dog into one of our trainers’ home for a short amount of time.

We care for every single dog we train as if they were our dog and a member of our own family. Abusive animal correction methods just do not work; so we only use compassionate methods that require patience and care.

Your dog will have every need attended to and will be treated with love while they’re undergoing a highly customized training program.

Puppy training

We understand the anxiety of having your pet gone for a while, and also the anxiety your best friend must feel as well. This is why we make sure to give all dogs we train plenty of attention, play, and exercise to keep them happy and content.

We will even have your pooch play with other dogs we are working with to help them develop strong social interaction skills.

Every dog has his or her own unique personality and specific needs when it comes to behavior modification. This is why we customize a unique curriculum for each dog we train. We would love to speak with you and customize a program just for your dog as well!

You can be rest assured that your dog’s training will be thorough and complete. If the time it takes to complete the curriculum goes longer than our original estimate, you don’t pay anything extra. We will work with your dog until the training is complete.

To ensure dog owners get the most value possible, we offer a free private handler session upon completion of the training as well as a series of follow up group training sessions. Once your dog is trained, you need to know how to maintain that training, and we will show you how.

This will prevent old habits from coming back and eliminate the need to ever have to utter the old proverbial phrase “Bad Dog!” ever again.

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