Canine Exercise & Rehabilitation

Dog Exercise, Dog Rehabilitation & Canine Conditioning in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona

Dog Exercise & Rehabilitation Programs & PackagesOver the years we all have become more aware of how important it is to maintain good health and physical fitness through exercise. Many of us follow a strict exercise routine and even consult personal fitness trainers to achieve our goals. We have started to apply the same fitness principals to our canine companions to assure they live longer and healthier lives by providing good nutrition and proper exercise.

We at Quality K-9 support our customers in the areas of dog exercise, dog rehabilitation and canine conditioning. At the Gym for Dogs, conveniently located in Scottsdale – Arizona, we provide a safe and climate controlled environment where your dog can exercise under the supervision of trained professionals. Our clients can choose from the following Canine Fitness Programs:

Weight Management
Our Weight Management Program is designed to help overweight dogs shed excess pounds and get back to a healthy weight.

Performance Enhancement
This is a program designed for our canine athletes. Whether your dog is active in agility, fly ball, schutzhund, herding, weight pulling or hunting, this program will enhance your dog’s stamina and competitive edge.

Medical Conditioning
In our Medical Conditioning Program we work with your veterinarian in order to speed up the dog’s healing process after a sustained injury or surgery. Providing aid in the treatment and helping your dog regain mobility, flexibility, as well as a higher comfort level.

Conformation Conditioning
The Conformation Conditioning Program is designed to enhance the physical appearance of the dog. To shape the body so that the dog’s looks conform as closely to the breed standard as possible.

Swim Lessons & Hydrotherapy
We also offer your dog a fun and safe place to swim, play, and exercise in the water. Dogs of all breeds and sizes in general enjoy a good swim. However, a dog should only be allowed to swim in a safe and controlled environment, and only under supervision. Just like humans, dogs need to learn how to swim. The good old approach of “just throw Fluffy in the water and he will learn all on his own” is neither the correct nor the preferred way of teaching a dog how to master the wet element. If your dog has never been in a pool or pond or is fearful due to a bad experience or simply does not like to get wet, Quality K-9 offers dog swim lessons under the supervision of an experienced dog trainer. We can teach your dog, regardless of size or age, how to have an enjoyable swim the proper way.

All dogs can benefit from hydrotherapy. Canine hydrotherapy relaxes and at the same time stimulates the whole body. Hydrotherapy (moving and exercising in water) has been practiced for centuries and its benefits are well known.  Due to the resistance created by the water a five minute swim provides the same amount of exercise a dog would get from a five mile run. At the same token, the water’s buoyancy supports the body and causes less stress on the joints than exercise on dry ground and encourages free movement. Hydrotherapy is the perfect type of exercise for dogs with arthritis, paralysis and other mobility issues. It is a great way of exercising geriatric dogs or canines who suffer from dysplasia and to regain mobility after surgery or an injury. It is a perfect exercise regiment to support a weight loss program for your dog and increase balance and coordination.It simply helps your dog to stay fit and promotes good muscle tone. Very energetic dogs we engage in a fun game of ball in the water, which will tire out and relax even the most wound up canine.

Please note that our swim classes are only available during the warm months of the year, whereas all other exercise programs are on the schedule throughout the entire year. Also, before starting any exercise program it is recommended to have your dog checked by a veterinarian to ensure that there are no underlying medical conditions that would make it unsafe for your dog to participate in an exercise program.

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